Sample page process

Script by Ryan North
Illustrated by Jim Rugg
Colors by Chris O’Neill
Letters by Steve Wands

Adventure Time #26 is the first of 4 issues that I illustrate (I was halfway through issue 28 when I wrote this). Here is the process that I used for #26. Each morning, I woke up, made coffee, petted the cats while coffee brewed. I drank a cup of coffee and sketched panels, figures, action, and page layouts directly on a print out of Ryan North’s scripts (which are delightful!). Then I taped a piece of paper on my drawing board (Strathmore Bristol 300 Series, 11 x 14, smooth surface). Ruled out borders based on the layout sketches using a Rapidograph (size: 1.20). Lightly drew the page with a non photo blue pencil (2 mm). I drew the original art at 125% of the print size. Then inked the page using Microns (sizes 01, 03, 05, 08). Finally scanned it, cleaned it up if necessary, and saved it as a 1200 dpi bitmap (uncompressed TIFF). 

I find this kind of insight the most valuable about someone’s process. Thanks Jim for being incredibly specific.

Attention Followers

Hello my followers, the few and proud. I just wanted to let you all know that I will be changing the url to this blog and it will from now on serve as my personal blog space where I share with you reposted content seasonally spiced with random posts of my own work or thoughts.

In contrast, the previous url used for this blog: http://somnbody.tumblr.com will now direct you to my portfolio blog that will be free of unrelated posts.

Please follow the new blog that is set up at http://somnbody.tumblr.com if you would like to continue seeing posts of my personal work.

Otherwise you will still be subscribed to this “mind dump” blog where I carelessly, and shamelessly reblog myself and others. This url is currently http://rottensauce.tumblr.com.

Thank you! 


This September, the first Screenprint Biennial will be held in Troy, New York.  More information can be found at : www.screenprintbiennial.com .  While the majority of the “kinks” have been worked out, the funds for the catalog have not been covered.  The link above is a kickstarter to raise a small amount of money to cover the costs of having an official catalog made.  If you can’t give money, that’s okay, too! Just check out the website and see what a cool event it’s going to be. The website includes a list of artists as well, with examples of their work.

I just actually took the time to check this out and now I must go.

Haypeep among them.


Pretty soon, you’ll see some printed copies of “How To Stretch a Silkscreen” around the print studio! The Instructional will walk you through Materials & Preparation, Stretching the Screen, and Taping the Frame. 

For a preview online, you can scroll through the images above or Click here to view the PDF.

This Instructional is brought to you by Stephanie Plenner (IRFM) and Cris Morales (BFA 2014) in collaboration with Melissa Leandro in the Fiber and Material Studies Department. 

Thanks Stephanie and Cris!