Sample page process

Script by Ryan North
Illustrated by Jim Rugg
Colors by Chris O’Neill
Letters by Steve Wands

Adventure Time #26 is the first of 4 issues that I illustrate (I was halfway through issue 28 when I wrote this). Here is the process that I used for #26. Each morning, I woke up, made coffee, petted the cats while coffee brewed. I drank a cup of coffee and sketched panels, figures, action, and page layouts directly on a print out of Ryan North’s scripts (which are delightful!). Then I taped a piece of paper on my drawing board (Strathmore Bristol 300 Series, 11 x 14, smooth surface). Ruled out borders based on the layout sketches using a Rapidograph (size: 1.20). Lightly drew the page with a non photo blue pencil (2 mm). I drew the original art at 125% of the print size. Then inked the page using Microns (sizes 01, 03, 05, 08). Finally scanned it, cleaned it up if necessary, and saved it as a 1200 dpi bitmap (uncompressed TIFF). 

I find this kind of insight the most valuable about someone’s process. Thanks Jim for being incredibly specific.

Attention Followers

Hello my followers, the few and proud. I just wanted to let you all know that I will be changing the url to this blog and it will from now on serve as my personal blog space where I share with you reposted content seasonally spiced with random posts of my own work or thoughts.

In contrast, the previous url used for this blog: http://somnbody.tumblr.com will now direct you to my portfolio blog that will be free of unrelated posts.

Please follow the new blog that is set up at http://somnbody.tumblr.com if you would like to continue seeing posts of my personal work.

Otherwise you will still be subscribed to this “mind dump” blog where I carelessly, and shamelessly reblog myself and others. This url is currently http://rottensauce.tumblr.com.

Thank you! 


This September, the first Screenprint Biennial will be held in Troy, New York.  More information can be found at : www.screenprintbiennial.com .  While the majority of the “kinks” have been worked out, the funds for the catalog have not been covered.  The link above is a kickstarter to raise a small amount of money to cover the costs of having an official catalog made.  If you can’t give money, that’s okay, too! Just check out the website and see what a cool event it’s going to be. The website includes a list of artists as well, with examples of their work.

I just actually took the time to check this out and now I must go.

Haypeep among them.